Features ·Perhaps one of the sites best features is the emphasis on their 10 core values such as comfort, privacy, safe, uniting, and socially aware.

Data Breakdown User Base: 435,000 Members Popularity: 20,000 unique visitors per month As a truly independent dating site that’s not part of a large network Pink Sofa provides a unique and focused service that truly is dedicated to lesbians and their relationships.

With over 400,000 members they’ve also got quite an extensive database that that exclusively consists of lesbian and bisexual women.

Every piece of information you need to decide if this is the dating site for you is readily available and easily accessible.

Here are some further highlights of the tools they provide you to make your visit comfortable and stress-free: ·This site is mobile friendly so will work on your smart phone or tablet ·Includes a section called Pink Sofa News, which provides you with up-to-date information on any changes to the site ·This site actually has a code of ethics which governs behavior on the site which they take very seriously ·There are eight different search options for finding potential matches After a detailed review of Pink there seems to be little doubt that this is a quality site – they do everything they can to make you comfortable and at home with their service.

You can not swear on there you can not say vagina on there yet when you sign up you have to be 18 so this would make this an adult dating site.

The guidelines seem to only work for the ones whom complain.

There are three different sections to the sign-up process: in the first part you can ride your basic information such as your name and age, in the second part you’re asked to provide a little bit of detail about yourself although most of this is optional, and in the final stage you’re asked to provide a photo.

·A very unique feature of the site is that they give you a five day trial completely free.

Sometimes when you come across a site it strikes you as something just a little bit different and that’s the reaction I had when I first visited Pink

This is a site designed by a lesbian woman for lesbian women and as a result it’s a site that will make you comfortable and at home.

They also have a unique feature called Chit chat which is essentially a social media feed where you can get together with other members in a less pressured environment – again, it’s a very simple and easy to use.